At CBCM Films production & Marketing Agency, we know that your business is unique – and we want to be a part of your success story. There are no egos or big agency politics here; just us, working for you – and we’ll listen.

How can we help you reach your goals?

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Films Production
  • Websites Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Events
  • Public Relations


CBCM Marketing is a consulting agency in digital communication. We specialise in delivering film production and marketing campaigns to a diverse range of clients. We help brands to create and deliver digital moving experience and rooted in a history. We have a passion for making stories extraordinary, that’s why we place film at the heart of what we do and we generate traffic online (blogs, forums, social networks) and offline (events, print, TV, radio).

We believe Film Production and Marketing Campaigns are a powerful combination.


CBCM Films Production aims to create the highest quality standard. Our philosophy is based simply on client satisfaction and innovation. Our most powerful resource is the collective experience and desire for excellence of our team.Whether it is 35mm Film, 16mm Film, FULL HD, or HD Video, CBCM  can provide the right equipment and expertise to any size production.

Social Media Marketing / TV Commercials / TV Programs / Corporate Films / Events Films


CBCM Events provides complete event production and event planning for corporations, business groups, and Sport, fashion, Leisure businesses. We customize the event for you


CBCM PR Effective public relations and corporate communications help our clients identify and reach their most critical target audiences. We uses the press, the Internet, and other communications tools to effectively deliver your message.



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