Films Production

CBCM Prod is a group of film production company working in  France, Spain & Usa. specialized in audiovisual production: advertising, movie, tv, online media, motion graphics… From shooting full-length feature films to television commercials,CBCM Prod can get the job done.

CBCM Prod is based in Barcelona,Gerona, Figueres (Spain), St Cyprien (France) & Los Angeles ( Usa ). Our producers have been procuring Feature Films, television commercials, television programs, corporate films, and events for the most prestigious brands worldwide.. We have fully equipped production and post-production facilities to accommodate all your project needs.

CBCM Prod aims to create the highest quality standard. Our philosophy is based simply on client satisfaction and innovation. Our most powerful resource is the collective experience and desire for excellence of our team.

At CBCM Prod you will find one of the best  equipped production facilities, which is designed to help us prepare and manage our productions with great competence and attention to detail.

Whether it is 35mm Film, 16mm Film, HD, or Digital Video, CBCM Prod can provide the right equipment and expertise to any size production.

TV Commercials / TV Programs  / Corporate Films / Sports /Events Films


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