CBCM Marketing is a consulting agency in marketing and digital communication. We help brands to create and deliver digital moving experience and rooted in a history that generate mouth to ear online (blogs, forums, social networks) and offline (print, TV, radio).

We are specialised in delivering bespoke multi-dynamic film production and marketing campaigns to a diverse range of clients. We have a passion for making stories extraordinary, that’s why we place film at the heart of what we do.

Our agile approach to marketing ensures that we are constantly seeking out ways of breaking new ground, combining a full spectrum of film production and marketing tools in innovative ways, generating exemplary content and campaigns tailored to your target audience.

We believe Film Production and Marketing Campaigns are a powerful combination.


Every client and every campaign is different so how we work will depend entirely on your needs. That said, systems are an important and effective way of how we work at CBCM.TV. Our structured approach to Marketing and Film production ensures innovative ideas dovetail with strategic planning and implementation.


We believe the best campaigns and film production begin with listening and asking the right questions. We’ll want to know all about you so that we can develop ideas around a solid understanding of your brand’s position and needs.


For our creative team, this is where the real fun starts. We take all our research and everything we’ve learned about you and set to work exploring a range of creative ideas designed to grab the attention of your target market.


We strongly believe that a clear strategy and a strong creative work hand in hand. Whether its a film, a re-brand or an entire campaign, the same rules apply; The best creative ideas must be underpinned by a super-strategy plan.


We see our clients as partners and communication is key. We use special software to keep you in the loop with the progress of every milestone. A dedicated project manager and regular meetings will ensure that you feel part of the creative process at all times.


This is the bit where all the great ideas come to life. We have a strong core team and a super reliable pool of freelancers and partners that we have a great working relationship with. All our films and marketing tools are focused on delivering results.


We love this part! Seeing the results of our collective efforts, reviewing the process and measuring the results. We like to see results in the work we produce helping ensure that your brand, product or service thrives.