Roman Martinez de Bujo  :  Director of Photography

Roman Martinez de Bujo is a Director of photography – 20 years of experience – lives in Barcelona Spain – His portfolio includes Movies, shortfilm and Advertising shootings – He has filmed in several locations around the world such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Argentina, Montevideo, Europe and Asia – brands he has worked for are Nissan, Volkswagen, Ikea, Mc Donalds, Ferrari and Santa Fe Bank



Marc Bach

Marc Bach : Director, Editor, Colorist, Motion Graphics Artist

Final Cut Pro 7 (Level 2), Motion 3, DVD Studio Pro 4, Color, Logic Pro 8 and Aperture 2 Apple Certified User.Final Cut Pro 7 and Aperture 2 Apple Certified Trainer.Also After Effects, Photoshop, Digital Performer and Pro Tools user.


Mario E

Mario Entero :  Director, Photographer, Editor

xavier pérez díaz

Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Artist

Laurent Mora

Laurent Mora:  Director, Editor



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